cute asian tshirt with asian mum

our story

We are Asian Australians with previous occupation in being Asian children in your typical Asian households. We are all about emphasizing the common and funny stereotypes that you grew up in.

Don't hide it. We know you are accustomed to getting accused by not giving a helping hand around the house when you have explicitly offered your help with a follow-up rejection from your vacuum-cleaning, apron-donning Asian mother.

Hold up, we have other experiences to share, including:

- 15 missed calls from Mum while being half asleep at the karaoke

- being yelled at and having your bathroom bin neatly positioned before guests come over

- coming home at (only) 11pm to apparently a hotel.

We feel you. To explore more of you and us, read our blog here.

Tell your Asian story out loud.

young asian kid leaning against wood

our mission

Our mission is to give Asian children growing up in south east Asia the childhood that they deserve and that we all take for granted.

We are proud to partner with Destiny Rescue, a non-for-profit organisation committed to rescue children, especially from south east Asia, from child trafficking and sexual exploitation and help them stay free.

Since 2011, Destiny Rescue have rescued more than 5200 people enslaved around the world, helped keep hundreds more from entering the sex trade through various prevention programs, ensured justice for those who have been wronged, and raised awareness to an untold number of people.

For every piece of clothing you buy at Bubblemilktee, a portion will go towards Destiny Rescue. Join us in giving them a new life.

For more information on Destiny Rescue, visit their website or click below to listen to Tony Kirwan, President and Founder of Destiny Rescue, on recalling a successful yet heartbreaking rescue operation.